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Excellence in music.

Music is a language that crosses boundaries and unifies people together. It gives a way for people to share their feelings, emotions, and character. In the TIS bands and choirs, students will learn the technical skills of playing instruments and singing and learn to perform with passion. The skills learned in the classroom are strengthened through TIS’s numerous concerts. Those skills then move with them to high school, where we have a strong high school band program highlighted by the selection of some of the students into the Association of Music for International Schools program each year. TIS students in band and choir challenge themselves, and they learn the importance of teamwork to create beautiful music.

Listen to our TIS bands and choirs during our many concerts throughout the year!

ECC & Elementary / Secondary Concerts

Winter and Spring

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Fine Arts Celebration


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iSC Fine Arts Festival


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Other Fine Arts Opportunities

Fine Arts Clubs

Be it dance (ballet, hiphop), art (Chinese art, clay sculpting) or music (handbells), our students have fun learning and experiencing a new interest.


The Association for Music in International Schools (AMIS) provides a network of support for musicians in international schools through conferences, workshops, and ensemble festivals. We are proud to have had several students selected for AMIS bands and choirs. This is a testament to the excellence of our students and the superb quality of our teachers .
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