Eagle's Nest

Week of 11-23-20


School Wide News and Announcements

Message for Head of School - Thanksgiving Day

Nov. 21


Thursday, November 26th is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. In recognition of this day, we will be serving a traditional Thanksgiving meal at no cost to students this school year. Thank you for the ongoing partnership to make this school great.


Mr. Ryan Witt

HS Science Fair: Tech Vs. Biology

updated Nov. 21

The 2020-2021 High School Science Fair will be happening on Friday, November 27 starting at 8:15 am in the 1st floor hallway.

There will be 5 teams presenting on the following:

Project: Using electrocardiogram to keep patients informed of a malfunction in the pacemaker
Students: HyunSeo Lee and DongEun Lee

PROJECT: Antioxidant efficiency of curcumin loaded chitin quercetin conjugate and its potential as anticancer drug
Students: Soyi Yu and JeongEun Lee

PROJECT: By maximizing the efficacy of glucose invertase, find out the recommendation to maintain optimal human body glucose level
Students: Shinyoung Park, Yunsoo Cha and Wonjun Son

PROJECT: Analyzing Particulate Matter (PM) 2.5 Using Machine Learning Techniques
Students: JaeYoun Kim, ByungJu Choi and SungHo Lee

PROJECT: Extracting chlorophyll from blue green algae
Student: Roah Kim

Our esteemed judges for the fair will be Ms. Elizabeth Gilbert (Mathematics) Mr. Jonathan Barta (Physics) and Mr. Ryan Witt (Head of School).

Staying Safe

Nov. 20

As there continues to be reports of positive COVID-19 cases around Tianjin, we recommend keeping you and your family safe by avoiding areas which have been classified as medium to high risk. We also recommend that you regularly monitor your Tianjin Health Code to ensure your code is green.

These cases are a reminder for us to continue being diligent with our COVID-19 protocols on and off campus. Please remember for more information about the school's COVID-19 response refer to our COVID-19 Response and Resources webpage. At this time, we want to remind everyone that a green Tianjin Health Code needs to be presented before entry onto campus.

Get ready for our iSC Play!

Nov. 20

“It's the spring of 2020 in the USA and everything has gone online because of the pandemic. This includes schools, theatres, and even detention. Seven unwilling teens gather on Zoom to serve their sentences. But as the day unfolds, unlikely bonds form, daring escapes are attempted, and others just try to survive Saturday Zoom Detention."

Join us for this 45 min original comedy performed by students from TIS and our other iSC schools. Check out the poster for full details.

Lost & Found


There are several items of clothing, as well as a few water bottles in Lost & Found, located just outside the gym. If your student has lost anything, please ask him/her to have a look there first.

To help with the prompt return of lost property, please have your student’s items labelled with both their name and grade.

Divisional News


ECC Parent Conferences

Updated Nov. 21

Thank you for welcoming us into your home for our ECC home visits. We enjoyed spending time with you and your child. If you were not able to have us come to your home, we will contact you about having a separate conference. Please know that we would be happy to meet with you if you have additional questions or concerns.

Winter is coming!

Updated Nov. 21

As the weather gets colder, the children need to be dressed warmly for our outdoor class time. Please send them in a warm coat and a hat every day. A scarf may also be needed. Our ECC has mittens for the children, but if you send ones from home, please make sure they are mittens and not gloves (unless you have taught them how to put each finger in the right place by themselves.)
You may also want to send in extra leggings with their extra clothes at school to wear under their pants.
The hat is most important. The children without a hat get cold much quicker!


1st Quarter Report Cards

Updated Nov. 20

Report cards have been posted to PowerSchool. Please check your child’s DocBox to view the report card. If you have forgotten your password or have trouble accessing PowerSchool, please call the admissions office during school hours for assistance. You may also contact the ECC and Elementary secretary, Ms. Wu at ext. 370.

Elementary Parent Conferences

Updated Nov. 20

Thank you for coming to our school for the parent conferences. We value the time spent with you and discussing how we can work together to better meet the needs of your child. If you were not able to attend, or if you have additional questions and concerns, please contact your child’s teacher and we will be happy to meet with you.


Parent/Student/Teachers Conferences

updated Nov. 20

Thank you all for coming to the parent/teacher conferences these last two days. The teachers enjoyed their conversations with you about their favorite subjects, the students!


Nov. 20

This weekend, middle schoolers participating in the Model United Nations club participated in our annual TIANMUN event. They worked with the high school students to solve all the world’s problems.

Theater Class

Nov. 20

The theater class is planning on performing for the 5th graders on November 25th. We wish them well. If you’d like to see their performance, they are also planning on performing during the Secondary Christmas Concert on December 17th. Be sure to come and enjoy their performance!

Staying After School

Nov. 20

This is a friendly reminder that students need to stay with a coach or teacher after school until dismissed to go to their busses. If students need extra teacher support, they are strongly encouraged to make appointments with their teachers to stay late.

Secondary Concert

Nov. 20

The Secondary Christmas Concert is coming up fast. Please ask your child(ren) to try on their concert clothing. It has been well over a year since wearing concert clothes and children grow fast!

Experiment Time!

Nov. 20

Sixth graders learned how digestion works in an experiment this week. They saw how enzymes in pineapple juice breaks down proteins. It was a great learning experience for them!


Model United Nations at TIS

Nov. 20

It has been great to meet with so many parents during parent/teacher conferences. Many meaningful and helpful conversations were had to the benefit of our students and their success.

TIS hosts our annual TIANMUN this weekend. Middle school and high school students work both to run and participate in the event. It provides students with experience in management along with research, discussion, debate, and problem solving. They have been having a great time and have worked hard to make this year’s event a success.

Science Fair

Nov. 20

The Science Fair will be held on November 27th in the first floor hallway. Students have been working hard, some since last spring, to research and prepare projects for this event. We wish them all well.

Robotics Scrimmage

Nov. 20

On December 1st, the HS robotics students will participate in a scrimmage against their classmates using the robots they have built.

Staying After School

Nov. 20

This is a friendly reminder that students need to stay with a coach or teacher after school until dismissed to go to their busses. If students need extra teacher support, they are strongly encouraged to make appointments with their teachers to stay late.

Secondary Concert

Nov. 20

The Secondary Christmas Concert is coming up fast. Please ask your child(ren) to try on their concert clothing. It has been well over a year since wearing concert clothes and children grow fast!

Winter Banquet

Nov. 20

Banquet will be held on Friday, December 18. In order for students to prepare for the big event, high schoolers will have a half day schedule and a 11:30 dismissal. Busses will leave TIS at 11:45. The Student Council has been working hard to plan a memorable Banquet and all high school students are strongly encouraged to attend.

College and Career


Nov. 20

SAT registration for December’s test has passed. The next available test will be offered on March 13.


Nov. 13

Bridge U, our college guidance platform offers many webinars throughout the school year. Please link here to see what is coming up.


Nov. 13

We would like to make your family’s college search easier this year. Instead of seeking out schools individually, 10 of the largest research-extensive public universities in the country are working together to bring the college search to you!

  • Arizona State University
  • Clemson University
  • Penn State
  • University of California San Diego
  • University of Colorado Boulder
  • University of Georgia
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • University of Nebraska
  • University of Oregon
  • University of Texas at Austin

Register at: https://visit.asu.edu/terrific10

You can expect to:

  • Connect with leading universities from across the country.
  • Explore majors and degrees.
  • Learn about financial aid and scholarships.
  • Get tips from enrollment leaders about navigating a virtual college search.


The week ahead in Athletics all teams have practice.


Nov. 20

If you have not joined the Varsity teams WeChat group, please do so. Information about games and travel are posted here. See the team email from Mr. Heimer sent a couple weeks ago, or ask your son/daughter to help you join the WeChat group.

A middle school volleyball teams WeChat group will be emailed to middle school parents soon. Reminder to make sure your contact information is up-to-date on PowerSchool, as we use PowerSchool to connect with parents email and phone information.

Health Office


Nov. 5

There is a possibility that students will get head knocks when participating in various sports activities or playing with buddies on campus. Last year, our school adapted the CDC’s “Heads Up” program in how we deal with concussions. It’s important that we all be aware of the danger of overlooked concussions. If you or our coaches suspect a student has suffered a concussion, no matter how mild, the student will be taken out of play and evaluated. If you would like to learn more about concussions, see the website as listed below.



PTO Clubs Begin!

Nov. 5

It was a great start to our PTO classes yesterday with every parent bringing enthusiasm and the will to learn.

In Parenting class, parents started to work through the book “Positive Pushing: How to raise a successful and happy child” by Jim Taylor. “The reasons why children need positive pushing” and “The first step of positive pushing children - pushing yourself” were the key points discussed from the first session.

In English class, Betsy set out the goals for the class then introduced “Small Talk” to the group. everyone had the opportunity to engage in small talk with each other.

In Chinese class, Aileen introduced tones and the basics to introduce yourself.

Off campus, the Ikebana class were introduced to this fine art and produced some beautiful displays.

PTO will be starting more clubs according to the interest of parents. We look forward to seeing more parents joining in and having a great time learning and spending time together

PTO Clubs

updated Nov. 3

The following PTO clubs run every Wednesday at the times listed. Bussing is available and the schedule is below. If you have any questions, please contact one of the PTO Steering Committee or email pto@tiseagles.com.

Note: As we continue to observe COVID-19 protocols, parents will need to show their health code and your temperature will be checked before boarding the bus or at the main gate. Parents will not be allowed to eat lunch in the school cafeteria and we ask that you refrain from entering divisional hallways.


Club Time Location (subject to change)
Parenting Club 9:00 to 10:00 Elementary Library Classroom
English Club 10:00 to 11:00 Elementary Library Classroom
Chinese Club 11:00 to 12:00 Elementary Library Classroom

Morning pick-up:
阳光100(YG): 9:15 am
奥城(AC): 9:20 am
海逸长洲 后门(HYCZ Back Gate): 9:35 am
半岛豪庭(BDHT): 9:40 am

The bus will depart TIS at 12:10 pm


What's Happening at TIS!