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Week of 7-14-21


School Wide News and Announcements

Summer Travel Plans

June 19

If you are planning to travel with your child/ren outside of Tianjin this summer, please inform us of your plans by scanning the QR code below. Please complete the form by Friday, June 25. This is a requirement by the local authorities.


Summer library hours

June 19

IMPORTANT: Due to maintenance on the second floor hallway from July 19 - 22, the library summer hours will end on Thursday, July 15.


Summer gym hours

June 19

The gym will be open on Mondays and Thursdays from 8:30am - 3:30pm from June 28 - July 23.

Child Safety

June 18

Have you ever felt unsure about the apps, movies or games that your child wants to watch or play?

As the holidays approach and our students are likely to be enjoying some extra time online discovering new games and communicating with friends.

We have updated the Child Safety Page of the school website to include some resources for families about online safety. It includes links to:

  • guides to risks, benefits and parental controls for different apps and devices,
  • examples of family online safety rules,
  • games and guides that teach kids and teens about online safety
  • a website that reviews apps, games, books and movies to help parents assess what’s appropriate for their children at different stages
  • as well as links to general child safety resources

We hope this might be helpful and that you and your family have a fun holiday break from the Child Safety Team

[For Chinese and Korean translations click here](Child Safety Newsletter.pdf)

Re-live the iSC Fine Arts Festival Concert Performance

May 28

The iSC Fine Arts Festival Concert was wonderful evening of performances. Please use the following links to view, share and download.

For those in China, click here
For those outside of China, click here
To download a copy, click here

Divisional News


There is currently no ECC news.


There is currently no Elementary news.


There is currently no MS news.


2021 Tianjin International School Science Fair

Apr. 1

The 2021 TIS Science Fair season has begun! This year’s Science Fair will be held on the morning of Friday Nov. 26th. Consistently those teams which have placed in the top 3 for the TIS Science Fair have started researching and planning for their projects before the summer break so interested students should contact Mr. Lundy at this email address: john.lundy@tiseagles.com as soon as possible.

Students who contact Mr. Lundy will be added to the new TIS Canvas Science Fair page which has the instructions for registration (open now, closes August 31st after this no new projects will be accepted), important forms and rules, some information about past projects and resources for finding science fair ideas!

Two important things to keep in mind:
1: Projects must be ORIGINAL.
2: Teams may not be larger than 3 students

College and Career

There is currently no College and Career news.


There is currently no Athletics news.

Health Office

Required Vaccinations 2021 - 2022

May 28

Please take the time to review the school's vaccine requirements for 2021-2022, and if needed, arrange for you child to have any required shots over the summer break.
2021 - 2022 Required Vaccination Letter.pdf


To all TIS parents

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) Steering Committee would like to thank all parents for your help and support in all events this year. Every TIS parent is a member of PTO which plays an essential role in bridging between parents and school. PTO volunteers in school events, as well as organizes activities for parents, such as different classes (e.g. Parenthood, English, Cooking, Chinese, Korean) and social events (e.g. PTO Tea, bake sale, fund raising).

We want to continue to build a strong PTO community; therefore, we encourage more parents to step forward to lead the PTO by joining the PTO Steering Committee. As some of our PTO Steering Committee members will be stepping down and/or leaving, we will re-assemble PTO Steering Committee for the new school year 2021-2022. Parents that are interested to serve the school community and would like to join the PTO Steering Committee, please contact our current PTO representative or email to PTO@tiseagles.com with your name, your child's name and grade to sign up.

Please join us!

PTO Steering Committee


올해도 TIS PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)의 모든 행사에 성원해주시고 도움을 주신 우리 학부모님들께 우선 감사의 인사를 드립니다.

모든 학부모님은TIS PTO의 회원이시며 가정과 학교에서 중요한 브릿지 역할을 감당하고 있습니다.

PTO는 부모참여수업, 영어와 중국어 및 한국어, 요리, 꽃꽂이 등 클래스와PTO TEA, 쿠키판매, 기부모금 등 이벤트들을 통해 친목을 도모하고 커뮤니티를 위해 봉사하기 위해 올 한해도 열심히 노력하였습니다.

PTO는 늘 여러분과 함께 하며 사랑이 가득한 커뮤니티를 만들고 우리 아이들과 함께 성장하고 성숙해질 것입니다.

이제PTO는 새로운 학기의 시작을 앞두고 있습니다. 올해를 마지막으로 봉사해주신 회원님들도 계시고, 또 우리 커뮤니티를 떠나 새로운 곳으로 가시는 분들도 계십니다.

그리하여 더 많은 학부모님들이TIS PTO에 적극 가입하여 2021-2022학기를 함께 하고 빛내주시기를 요청드리는 바입니다.

PTO의 여러행사와 활동들에 관심이 있으시고, 좋은 커뮤니티를 만드는데 도움을 주시고 싶고 헌신하고 싶으신 여러분들의 참여를 기다리고 있습니다.

신청은 PTO@tiseagles.com PTO의 대표메일 로 보내주십시오. 신청자 성함과 연락처, 자녀의 이름과 학년을 적어주십시오.

많은 참여를 기대합니다!

❤️영어가 안된다고, 중국어가 안된다고 망설이지 마세요, 학부모님의 참여만으로 큰 힘이 됩니다!


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