Middle School

Grades 7 - 8


Welcome to the TIS Middle School!

In the TIS middle school, we intentionally create an amazing, individually focused experience, and we provide middle school students with rich opportunities to explore and make new relationships. Students can take part in fine arts programs including band, choir, and drama. These programs allow them to express their artistic skills, whether that’s playing an instrument, singing, or drawing! Students can also explore technology, compete in athletics, and participate in many other activities to develop their interests. Our curricular and co-curricular programs allow middle schoolers the opportunity to grow into passionate students so that they are ready and prepared for high school. The TIS middle school has a rich history and dedicated teachers who care for their students.

We are pleased to give you a warm welcome from our teachers and staff to TIS middle school!


The Middle School curriculum is designed with the awareness that children in grades six through eight are establishing their own worldviews and must have the time and tools for imaginative freedom and discovery. It also provides a holistic program that balances the development of concepts, skills and character.


Our program centers on guided inquiry and collaboration as instructional methods to provide an environment that fosters problem solving and critical thinking, as well as subject competencies. Our approach focuses on the growth of the developing child addressing social, physical, emotional and cultural needs in addition to academic welfare. Our children are accepted for who they are, and are provided with an environment to blossom at their own rate. Classes promote the joy of learning, and are opportunities for our children to learn control over their lives and encouraging the development of their sense of self.


Our comprehensive curriculum emphasizes Language Arts and Math while our specialized enrichment programs in Music, Art, Physical Education, Language and Technology provide students with a varied and rich educational experience.




Chinese Language & Culture

All middle school students who have demonstrated adequate English ability have the opportunity to study Chinese. There are three main goals for middle school students interested in learning Chinese:

1) Building a strong foundation of high-frequency vocabulary.
2) Working on basic grammar rules, sentence structure, and discourse patterns.
3) Developing cultural knowledge and global awareness.
This includes providing students the opportunity to go on field trips, eat new foods, learning about daily life for students their own age in China and learning about and celebrating Chinese holidays.

Although the study of English and the ongoing development of important literacy skills are fundamental elements of the curriculum, our students are also part of the global dialogue where multiple languages are advantageous. As an American school with an international perspective, we believe that a strong language program enhances the educational journey and encourages our students to develop alternative perspectives, cultural understanding and empathy.


At TIS, we see technology as a tool that supports a school community and facilitates learning.

As an important tool inside and outside of the classroom, students use technology to inquire and communicate. Through our technology program, we ensure that every student in our community has access to campus and worldwide electronic resources. These tools encourage students to adopt and employ technology during their tenure at TIS, preparing them for college and professional environments as responsible digital citizens.


The campus is connected to our data network allowing student and guests to wirelessly access electronic material in all academic and community spaces. In accordance with our standards, students must abide by acceptable use policies and guidelines found in the school handbook. To help encourage these standards our network is regularly monitored and acceptable barriers have been put in place for the safety of our students.


Our Middle School curriculum takes full advantage of digital resources and tools carefully selected to enrich learning across disciplines. Research and critical thinking skills are introduced through web searches protected by the school’s robust firewall and filters.


Check out this awesome virtual school tour created by our very own 7th graders!



The Tianjin International School library is a vibrant, welcoming environment for students, staff and parents to enjoy and is specifically organized to service our diverse school community. Our Library resources support the teaching of the curriculum and develop our student's interests and hobbies. Library lessons are also linked to the curriculum and teach essential information skills for 21st Century learning.

Our Library Strives:

  • To ensure learners grow as competent, ethical users and producers of ideas and information.
  • To prepare life-long learners who are effective communicators, critical researchers and problem solvers.
  • To collaborate and share with audiences beyond our school walls.
  • To model our school’s mission and support learners in the pursuit of aesthetic growth and personal learning pathways.


We are constantly seeking to strengthen our partnership with parents and one of the ways we do this is through reporting to parents and actively involving parents in their children’s learning.

An opportunity for students to meet with their parents and teachers is through our Student Led Conferences at the end of the first and third quarters. Progress Reports are written in the form of report card comments at the end of the first semester and third semesters.

Parents can also make appointments with teachers throughout the year to discuss their concerns.


PowerSchool is the most widely used web-based student information system, supporting 10 million students over 65 countries. Benefits for parents and students include: real-time grades, attendance, comments, assignments, scores and much more - right from the teacher’s grade-book directly to students and parents.


At TIS, we believe that co-curricular activities are an important part of education that extends beyond the classroom. Co-curricular activities provide motivation for learning, character building, physical growth, and creativity while developing confidence and educating the whole child. Students who are involved in co-curricular opportunities become more invested in the school experience, therefore increasing the opportunity for higher academic performance and social well-being.


Model United Nations

Students in grades 7 and 8 are able to take part in this club where students role-play delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees.


This program is arranged so students who want to create have the space and support to do so. Working with wood, materials, sculpture, mechanical or artistic pursuits, students are paired with an adult who is also passionate about creation and student learning. This is also offered one hour a week as an elective for eighth grade students as part of their instructional day.


Students learn about being on the stage. They practice speech, stage presence and develop skills to be comfortable on stage or behind the scenes working with building sets, running lights and sound, or evening directing and student management. One goal of this program is to help students prepare for seasonal dramatic productions at TIS.


Middle School students may choose between choir and band, and theatre. The middle school performing arts program delves into greater depth vocally and instrumentally. It is our goal that Middle School students graduate to the High School with a solid understanding of music theory, knowledge of instrumental and/or vocal technique, and an appreciation of the elements of a unified performance.


Eighth grade students may choose, as an elective period once a week and occasionally after school, to take part in the school’s YearBook program.


TIS has a fantastic athletics program that grows our students in the knowledge of the sport, and then teaches them how to compete at their highest levels.

In middle school, the students are given equal playing time in games and tournaments. The emphasis is on students learning the rules, skills, and strategies of the sports they are playing. We currently feature soccer, volleyball and basketball for the middle school.


Clubs are a great tool in our aim to develop well-rounded students. The school sponsors a number of activities that give Middle School students an opportunity to explore and excel in a particular sport, hobby, or area of interest.

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